Based in South Nowra, O2 Autosport is ideally situated to look after European cars in Shoalhaven, particularly in Bowral, Kiama and Nowra.

Although we are happy to work on domestic or foreign cars, we are particularly proud of the levels of expertise we’ve built up in European cars over the years. So if you need a high quality, reliable European car mechanic in Shoalhaven, why not give us a try?

Whether you need help with a specific problem, a regular service or work to qualify your European car for its pink slip, we’ve got the knowledge and skill to do the job, and do it right first time.

Top servicing

Regular servicing keeps your car in tip-top condition and prevents things from going wrong. We have all the servicing information on the major European makes and models so your car will be familiar to our top mechanics.

Servicing intervals differ from car to car. Increasingly European cars don’t have set service intervals anyway, they rely on the car’s electronics to determine when it’s time for a service. For example, if you’re doing lots of short trips, the car is likely to want a service a bit sooner. Because the car may not get warmed up to optimum temperature as often, the oil will degrade faster.

Most cars that use this method give you a warning as to how many miles to go before the service is needed, so give us a call as soon as it lights up and we’ll book you in.

As well as having access to the manufacturer’s servicing information we can get the parts too – we only ever fit genuine parts for your safety.


We’re no strangers to the ins and outs of European cars. We have the tools to plug into the electronics and diagnose any problems. So if your engine management light comes on in your European car, bring it to us and we can tell you why the light’s on and what to do about it.

You might have a strange noise or the car is handling strangely. Just bring it in and one of our European car mechanics will listen to you, listen to the car, and diagnose the likely problem.

Perhaps it’s a problem with your air conditioning, or there’s something up with a tyre or a wheel. Whatever the issue, when you need a European car mechanic, O2 Autosports won’t let you down.

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