Here at O2 Autosports, among our many services, we specialise in diesel tuning in Nowra and the Shoalhaven area of New South Wales. Is diesel tuning a service which could be helpful to you? Read on for more details below.

What is diesel tuning?

Diesel tuning is a method used to squeeze more power and economy out of your diesel vehicle. This is done by making adjustments to certain components controlled by the car’s engine control unit (ECU), such as boost pressure, fuel pressure and ignition timing. The ECU, which ensures your vehicle runs at optimum efficiency, sends thousands of signals per second to the fuel injection system – but these signals can be intercepted to allow the ideal amount of fuel to be injected into the engine’s cylinders, ensuring maximum torque and power and increased fuel efficiency.

While diesel tuning is a useful way to up your car’s performance, it’s not a do it yourself job. it’s vital that you enlist the services of a specialist, such as the mechanics here at O2 Autosports to carry out the work, as a bad diesel tuning job could totally wreck your vehicle.

Is Your Diesel Running Correctly?

Our skilled technicians can get your late model common rail diesel running like it did when you bought it. We can diagnose problems like- worn injectors, failing injector pumps, faulty sensors, blowing smoke, check engine lights, low power, poor fuel economy, clogged up engine components & more.

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