Renowned for its rolling green hills and steep streets, Kiama is a popular coastal destination and is home to a number of tourist attractions. If your 4×4 breaks down or you’re in need of an urgent 4WD service in Kiama, O2 Autosports has 4×4 specialists who can help.

Our 4WD services include:

Diesel remapping

If you’re looking to boost both the fuel economy and power of your 4×4, get in touch with a qualified 4WD mechanic in Kiama. By altering the settings on the engine control unit (by overwriting the default settings with a new system), we can enhance the overall performance of your vehicle.

4×4 parts and accessories

Are you hoping to improve the look and performance of your 4×4 with powerful parts and accessories? At O2 Autosports we can fit snorkels, long range fuel tanks, bull bars and winches that prepare you for any New South Wales adventure.

Looking for a new 4WD suspension in Kiama?

Everyday use or damage caused due to circumstances out of your control often mean that your 4×4 suspension needs some repair. To avoid aquaplaning and even travel sickness due to an uneven ride, book your 4×4 in for a service today.

4WD service, Kiama

Keeping your 4×4 in top condition should always be a priority, and we offer a complete 4×4 service to ensure your 4WD is ready to tackle any terrain. Although not a legal requirement, a regular service will guarantee that most of the perishables required to run your 4×4 are in good condition and any lasting damage is prevented.

If you’d like to learn more about our 4WD suspensions or any other services we offer, such as performance tuning, get in touch with one of our 4WD mechanics. Kiama is a popular New South Wales town, and our range of services are ideal for locals and visitors alike.

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