If you’re looking for a friendly, reliable 4WD mechanic in the Batemans Bay area, you’ve come to the right place. We specialise in kitting out your 4×4 to ensure it’s ready for any adventure. Once you’ve stopped by at our South Nowra workshop, you’ll be able to tackle any terrain New South Wales throws at you! Whether you own a Toyota, a Land Rover, a Nissan or a model from another manufacturer, we can help.

Our 4×4 services near Batemans Bay include, but are not limited to:

Diesel remapping

Looking for an increased output in terms of your 4×4’s performance? Our 4WD mechanics specialise in diesel remapping – or the modification of your vehicle’s engine control unit. The result? Higher power and increased fuel efficiency.

Performance tuning

Whatever model of 4×4 you have, we can perform a number of performance upgrades and enhancements to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth.

ServicingThe average 4×4 covers a lot of ground over the course of the year, so naturally, you’ll be keen to ensure that everything in your vehicle is working as it should. Book a service with one of our mechanics and we’ll give your car the once-over – if any problems are on the horizon, we’ll let you know before the situation worsens.

4×4 parts and accessories fitting

Pay us a visit if you require any small additions to your four wheel-drive, including bull bars, winches, snorkels and long-range fuel tanks. Looking for 4×4 suspension? Batemans Bay’s best are O2 Autosports!

Contact us today

Simply call O2 Autosports on +61 2 4423 0977 today for a 4WD service in Batemans Bay – we’ll ensure your vehicle is ready and raring to go, whatever adventures you have planned!

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