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Jetski need a service?

We service Seadoo, Yamaha and Kawasaki Personal Watercraft (Jetski). We have standard services for 2 & 4 stroke jetskis including engines with Power Valves, Superchargers and Turbos.

Jetpump rebuilds
Supercharger rebuilds.
Jetski Batteries.
Water testing.
Key programming.

Trailer maintenance and repairs.

Our professionals know how to handle a wide range of jetskis. Our mechanics strive to ensure that your jetski will be performing at its best.

JET SKI / PWC SERVICE PRICING (includes trailer)

2 Stroke $310
2 Stroke with power valves $360
4 Stroke $400
4 Stroke with electronic braking and reverse $472

BOAT SERVICE PRICING (includes trailer)

In Board / Wake / Ski Boat from $600
Outboard POA


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  • What PWC / Jet Ski experience do we have?

    We have been riding and maintaining our own Jet Skis for the last 15 years.

    We have serviced most makes and models.

    We keep up to date workshop software to assist with repairs.

  • Jet Ski riding tips

    Always check battery life on ski.  Invest in a trickle charger if you are not using the ski for a long period of time.

    Always flush your ski after every use.

    Only allow licensed riders to use your ski.

    Inform someone where you are going and when you think you’ll be back.

    Give us a call if you have any other problems with your ski.

  • What does a jet ski service involve

    Jet ski service


    Run ski listen for defects

    Carry out compression test

    Drain and replace engine oil

    Replace spark plugs

    Inspect ignition coils for corrosion

    Replace Oil filter

    Drain water catch

    Inspect all hoses and hose clamps for wear / corrosion

    Inspect engine mounts

    Inspect exhaust system for leaks and corrosion

    Test engine coolant (closed loop systems)

    Remove and inspect Jet pump unit

    Grease drive shaft and Jet pump bearings if necessary

    Inspect all steering and reverse cables

    Test battery life and security

    Check or replace fuel filter

    Inspect lanyard/ key

    Inspect and check slippage of supercharger (if applicable)

    Inspect, clean and re grease power valves (if applicable)

    Scan ECU and reset service interval

    Check for codes / Record if necessary

    Reset throttle position

    Fill out and sign service books




    Check hitch/ chain for corrosion

    Inspect trailer frame for corrosion

    Check wheel bearings / grease bearing buddy’s

    Check trailer tyres

    Check / Test lights

    Check springs and Axles for corrosion

    Check trailer brakes is necessary

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