There is nothing worse than needing immediate work doing on your 4×4 vehicle and finding no-one is available to help. If you live in the Nowra and Port Kembla area, help is at hand to ensure you are back on the road as soon as possible.

O2 Autosports, based in South Nowra, have been putting the needs of 4×4 drivers in and around New South Wales for many years and they offer a wide range of services to ensure your vehicle remains in top condition. Nowra has an estimated population of around 36,000, so you can expect a lot of 4×4 drivers needing a top-quality mechanic. Here a just few of the services we offer:

4×4 suspension

As soon as the suspension goes in your vehicle, you know about it and you need to get it fixed as soon as possible. The longer you leave it, the more damage you will do and the more money you will have to shell out. As soon as you work out the problem, contact us and you will soon get back to a smooth, comfortable ride without any bumps in the road.

4WD servicing

It’s imperative that you keep an eye on all aspects of your vehicle and that includes making sure it is serviced regularly. Our mechanics at O2 Autosports will inspect your vehicle with a fine-tooth comb and ensure the likes of your battery, tyres, brakes, exhaust and fluids are in full working order before sending you back out on the road.

4WD accessories

Whether you use your 4×4 vehicle on the open roads of Australia or you go off-road to really test the vehicle, we have all the accessories you need to travel in style. An ARB trained technician is on-site permanently to fix your vehicle with everything from long-range fuel tanks and winches to snorkels and bull bars.

Contact O2 Autosports today

Whether you are in desperate need of a service on your 4×4 in the Nowra or Port Kembla area or you want to add some accessories, then get in touch now as we are always happy to help. Contact us on +61 2 4423 0977 and we will get you booked in and get your vehicle back on the road as good as new.

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